Growing an Educational Game – Flower Stand

About two years ago, I read Learning By Doing by Clark Aldrich. I was so excited by the book that I subsequently built a fairly simple Flash-based game, called Flower Stand, mainly because I wanted to play with some of the concepts from the book.

Planning screen for Flower Stand game.

Sometime in the next few months, I plan to revisit the project to enhance the mechanics and graphics of the game (now that I’ve spent some more time in AS3, it’ll be fun to cringe at my old code, too). I’ve also been eying iPhone development for a while, and this may be the game that I take with me when I jump.

However, before I even consider opening my old source files, I want to spend some time brainstorming ways to better meet my original goals for the game and consider additional goals that I might target.

As developed currently, Flower Stand is a game designed to help users familiarize themselves with basic small business vocabulary and decision making skills.

Goals & Objectives

Goal 1: Improve business vocabulary.

Learning Objectives:

  • Correctly use the terms inventory, net profit, revenue, and expenses
  • Identify the relationship between expenses, revenue, and net profit

Goal 2: Develop decision making skills needed to manage a small business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Adapt business decisions about inventory, location, advertising, and pricing to match the changing needs of a business as it grows
  • Implement strategies to grow a business to meet specific business goals

Game Structure

Users begin by selecting a goal for their game: build sales, earn money, or gain customers.

Screen where user selects a goal for Flower Stand game.

Users plan each week by purchasing inventory, selecting a location, ordering advertising, and setting prices.

Planning screen for Flower Stand game.Users are given feedback based on their results, tailored to the initial goal they selected.

Results from a week of sales for Flower Stand game.

Once users have completed a goal, they can play the game with a different goal.

Try It!

Please feel free to try the game by clicking here. I’d love any feedback or ideas, especially as I prepare to rethink and revise. As I work, I’ll post my thoughts and progress.

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