New eLearning Global Giveback Course: Isoniazid Preventive Therapy for the Prevention of Tuberculosis in People Living with HIV

My son, Theo, was born two weeks ago, so I won’t be at the Learning Solutions Conference this week. However, a course I developed with FHI 360 is going to be demoed there on Thursday evening as part of the third eLearning Global Giveback.

This course is designed to give health care workers hands-on practice identifying when and how an Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT) program can be used to help prevent tuberculosis in people living with HIV.

The content for the course is two documents: a set of WHO guidelines and a brief created by FHI 360. I purposefully didn’t try to recreate this material in the course itself, because I felt like the searchable, skimable PDFs were already far better as lasting resources than an online course would be. Instead, I included the documents as downloadable resources and focused the course itself on application of knowledge.

The course is a scenario-based practice space where the user can apply the information from the downloaded documents in similar-to-real-life activities. At a first medical center, the user begins by screening a series of patients to determine whether or not they are good candidates for IPT and another series of patients who are already undergoing IPT to determine if they are exhibiting side effects of the therapy.

Once the user has completed the screening exercise, they address common misconceptions about IPT with some of the staff at this medical center.

The second location is a smaller, more rural clinic. Here the user also screens patients to determine if they are good candidates for IPT, but without access to a screening test for tuberculosis infection.

Throughout the design and development process, the team at FHI 360 provided excellent support and reviews, and I’m really excited about how the course turned out. ┬áIf you aren’t able to stop by the Global Giveback reception to demo the course, you can take a peek at the course in my online portfolio. You can also learn more about the eLearning Global Giveback by clicking here!